Want your next event to be a sell out success? If that’s your dream, then we can help you achieve it.


We’ll use social media to build brand awareness and get the word out about your event.

// We recently reached a million people on social media while promoting The Grand Pier’s Fireworks at sea event.


During the event, we’ll be there, delivering amazing event engagement that everyone remembers.

We’ll listen for and share content from your attendees, while we encourage even more conversation over on social media.

Optional extras include:

  • Social wifi – to enable you to gather data from your attendees and generate brand awareness through check-ins
  • Interactive features – such as tweet walls and social enabled photo booths

// TEDx Bristol was trending throughout the UK during the live event.


After the event, we’ll keep the excitement going (and get everyone on board for next time by curating and sharing the best content.

We’ll also provide detailed reporting – Who did you reach? When? Where? How? We’ll analyse the success of your event and help sell out the next one with valuable info presented in a visual way.

// We helped get social media endorsements from celebrity attendees of the Impossible Collection through post-event outreach.

If you’re organising an event and want to know more about how we can helpgive us a shout here.