Ghostly Goings On

Did you notice any ghoulish goings on last Friday over on Longleat Safari & Adventure Park’s Twitter? To honour the opening of the Longleat Halloween Festival on Saturday we had Lady Louisa Carteret take over the account for the evening, updating followers on her life (or more accurately, death) as a ghost. And yes, we promise that it wasn’t just us pretending to be Lady Carteret…

The spookiness didn’t stop there, with our Grey Lady posting some very eerie videos of the ghosts of Longleat in action, including a clip of her apparition watching over the hall.

Followers jumped at the opportunity for some eerie interaction with the barely-there Longleat House resident. Questions were asked on her haunting habits and how long she had been a ghost, with a follower even asking whether the Grey Lady had haunted her parents.

We hope that we will be able to hold more Twitter takeovers in future, not just during the Halloween Festival but for future events, so keep an eye out for any upcoming guests.

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