We are a young agency with an insatiable appetite for all things social. We are conscious of who we work with, carefully selecting clients whom we know we can a) deliver excellent work to and b) will get on with. Because, frankly, life’s too short to work with people and businesses who aren’t a perfect match. We’re more than capable of being professional, all the while having an awful lot of fun doing it. Simply put, we truly love what we do and we want to work only with people who’ll bring excitement and passion to the mix.

People often ask us “Why call the agency gumption?” Well, the answer is simple. It means shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness, which is exactly how we work.

We don’t believe in over-selling or bombarding you with jargon. We promise to only give you what your business needs to help achieve its fullest potential.

We’re pretty nice people too, which helps.

Meet the team

The original girl with Gumption. Think what you will but social media is her true passion, constantly re-training, learning and doing what she can to ensure Gumption’s work is solid, consistent & innovative.


Oversees everything from social strategy to spelling. Consequently, rather likes a spreadsheet. Always planning her next trip to the beach.


A social media whizz kid since the age of 11. When she’s not perfecting posting plans or acing alliteration, you can find her exploring or writing about fantasy worlds.


Betty advises on all our animal-based accounts, providing us with invaluable insight. She loves Pig Ears, snoozing & being a nuisance.

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